Patient Reviews

This is an awesome practice. We went to see Dr. Kim since she can perform surgery under general anesthesia (in the hospital). The procedure went successfully and my daughter has fully recovered in 2 days.

The office is modern and they have a tv mounted on the ceiling so the child can watch a movie while they are being treated on the dental chair. The office has a very efficient administrative office manager, Lynda, who can be reached via email and will send documents via email. She calls the insurance companies so she can give you details on what will be charged in a treatment plan, complete with what’s covered by the insurance, what isn’t, and how much is the patient’s responsibility.

The wait wasn’t that long from our appointment (20-30 mins), compared to the long waiting times (over 1 hour) we’ve had in the past with other dental practices.

I highly recommend this practice.
— Carmel L.

Dr Julie and Dr Sarah are great to deal with. Our 6 year old son after an apprehensive beginning as a toddler has become very comfortable about dental visits. You heard right! Finally, they are very reasonable on billing and don’t try to scam you with arcane charges. We just moved to Westchester but continue to use them. We would highly recommend!
— M J.

I usually try not to write reviews about dr.’s and dentists. Mainly, because if everyone found out, I would have to wait longer for an appt. But now that we moved, I’m free to yelp about my find without consequence.

I’m super picky about dentists esp. for my kids. Prolly because my mom was really cheap about dentists and when it came time to pull out my wisdom teeth, she chose to have it done with just a couple of novacaine shots. I promised I would never submit my kids to that torture. So even if it takes me hours and hours of research, I try and get them the best.

Dr. Kim is patient, awesome and makes any finicky child at ease. She’s efficient and fast at giving shots that my kids barely felt it. Her office is modern, upscale and even has a few kid toys to help with the wait. Making an appointment is a breeze and the wait time is never longer than 10 min. She has state of the art technology and even a flat screen TV with cartoons to distract kids from her work. She’s very informative and always shows me what work she would like to have done. The only con is that she’s in the city (we were in queens) and she’s only available fri-sun. But that was ok because she was the best...soo good it was worth the $23 cab ride from Forest Hills. We found a new dentist in Cali but my 6 yo son (who has 3 caps and extraction) misses her terribly. That is a testament in itself.
— Anne P.
What a wonderful introduction to the dentist this practice offers! My son was a patient of Dr. Kim’s when we lived in Manhattan & we loved it so much we stayed the first two years we lived in Queens (he sees someone closer to our home now). First off, Linda in the office is super pleasant & helpful; she is a great representative of the practice & interactions with her were delightful. The waiting room is clean & colorful, with toys, books & fun wall decals - perfect for kids. They have movies/shows for kids to watch during their appointments. Dr. Kim is gentle, knowledgeable & just overall pleasant to deal with. My son is very sensitive & attached to me (he’s been through a lot, long story), they were always understanding & let him lay on top of me in the chair during his visits (until he got too big for that). They have Saturday hours. We love our new dentist in LIC but will always have a soft spot for this office. Highly recommend!!
— Shar B.

Love, love, love this office! Dr. Julie and Dr. Kim are both amazing. My kids love it here and look forward to going to the dentist. They are attentive, caring and both moms so they understand not just how the patient should be treated but also how to care for the parents too. I wish they treated adults...I would be their 1st patient. Since I moved to the west side, I tried a closer dentist but after the 1st visit I didn’t get the same attention and empathy and decided to switch back. It’s worth the commute. Plus, my pediatrician recommended me here! We love this office and everyone who works here. The receptionists are super friendly, accommodating, and explain all procedures in detail. They are up front with all billing and never any surprise charges which I appreciate. It really is a “happy” place.
— H Z.

We’ve been taking our twin daughters (almost 6) to Happy Smile for the past three years. They’ve had regular checkups as well as a number of fillings (unfortunately), and I can’t say enough about both Dr. Julie and Dr. Kim. They both developed an immediate rapport with our girls (who are typically shy), do great work, and made the visit to the dentist a really wonderful experience for our girls. (I would also note that they’ve always been very upfront about insurance coverage prior to starting any treatments.) I would (and have) recommend them to anyone looking for a great pediatric dental practice.
— Herman Y.

Where was Dr. Julie when I was a kid? She’s wonderful. My daughter loves her and actually looks forward to going to the dentist now. Dr. Julie is very caring and puts my daughter quickly at ease. She explains what each instrument she’s using is and explains how it works (if you knew my daughter you’d know how important that is). I don’t live in the city but make sure I go out of my way to get there for my daughter’s visits. That’s how wonderful this office is. It’s easy to get an appointment and everyone is friendly. You can’t ask for a better dental office. I highly recommend it. Wish they took adults.
— Francesca L.