Cleaning & Prevention

A focus on preventive dentistry helps your child maintain the highest standard of oral health while limiting dental expenditures.  A partnership between you, your child, and our team pays dividends, protecting your smile now and well into the future.

At home, prevention may include helping your child brush and floss twice a day.  But many strategies and oral health aids exist that may help your child care for their mouth even better.  Often parents are surprised to learn that a particular toothpaste, rinse, or specialized toothpick will serve them help their child make all the difference in their efforts. Our team can help customize solutions that enhance your child’s daily efforts, often turning your (and your child’s) frustration into smiles at the healthy changes that occur.

Your child’s diet plays a critical role in their oral health as well.  Acidic foods and drinks can accelerate deterioration of their teeth, and certain foods can enhance your child’s health and build strength in their jawbone and gums.  Our team believes in bringing your child’s efforts and ours into balance for optimum health.

And of course, regular dental exams and cleanings prove vital in preventing decay and gum disease as your child keeps daily habits consistent. With a proactive approach, together we can prevent minor issues from becoming major procedures.

Oral Cancer Screening

At each visit, our team does a medical history update and reviews any changes (even subtle ones). Even the smallest change in the soft tissues of a child’s mouth will be examined closely. Early detection of oral cancer saves many lives each year, and our team is highly trained to detect even smallest abnormality.

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Home Care

While excellent oral health is a partnership between your child and our team, we depend on you to make sure your child’s teeth and gums stay strong and healthy between appointments. Together we can create an individual plan with the latest tools and knowledge to help protect their smile.

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Teeth Cleaning

Who doesn’t love that freshly polished feel of your teeth after a cleaning? Our highly-trained, compassionate registered dental hygienists do more than just polish your child’s teeth. They remove plaque, tartar buildup, probe your child’s gums for signs of periodontal disease, and much more!

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